The Silent Killer

With temperature dropping outside, you’ll be cranking up the heat indoors. While a toasty fire or preheated car are a comfort on frosty days, they can let in scary fumes from natural gas or carbon monoxide that can poison or make you sick and even have fatal consequences. And if that’s not scary enough, symptoms can easily be confused with the flu. So how do you know if you are being poisoned by the air or are just a victim of flu season? Follow these precautions:

  1. Have your furnace checked by a professional at the beginning of the season to be sure there are not cracks in the furnace and the vent system is clear
  2. Make sure fresh air can get in the furnace and you have ventilation near heat sources
  3. Test your gas water heater by holding a lighted match under the hood
  4. Never use a gas stove for heating
  5. Do not preheat your car in a closed garage
  6. Make sure your chimney is clean and the vent is open when burning the fireplace or wood stove
  7. Install a CO/natural gas detector on every level of the home
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