Pancake Alarms

By Tricia Callahan, Once A Month Mom 

Meet the Landes family! The Landes’ have been friends of ours for years and you can’t mention smoke alarms without me thinking of them. Why you ask? How about if I let them tell you!

Pancake Alarms Video

It seems that Mom (Heidi) is NOTORIOUS for waking everyone up, not with the smell of freshly made pancakes, but with the smoke alarm. Not just once, or twice, but EVERY time that she makes pancakes! I will never forget sitting and listening to the kids tell me that when they hear the smoke alarm going off in the morning they KNOW that their mom has been cooking them a delicious breakfast.

This all seems rather comical to the Landes’, and to us, until it isn’t. See, what happens if there is a REAL fire one day and that alarm is going off? Will the kids react or will they simply be leisurely strolling out of bed thinking there are pancakes in their future? The truth is, they are becoming desensitized to the alarms warning cries as a result of the false alarms.

In this way, the IoPhic alarms are an amazing breakthrough. Now, the kids will know that the alarm is really that, an alarm that should be heeded and their chance of survival is much higher in the case of a fire. I love their stories, but hopefully they can find a new family tradition to mark their morning breakfasts. And we can help to keep them safe.

What about your family? Do you have “pancakes” at your house? Do have a food item that ALWAYS sets off the smoke alarm? We would love to hear more about your stories and how IoPhic technology would make your family safer on the Universal Security Instruments Facebook page!

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