Outdoor Fall Fire Safety with Katie: Grills & Special Occasion Lighting

How do I say this?  Oh right…we almost caught our house on fire.  Awkward silence is totally acceptable.  The thing is, we made a big mistake in grill safety and thankfully we caught it in time.  But close calls are too close for comfort when it comes to your house and fire…so here are some of the things we do now to keep us safe from repeating our mistake:

  • Keep a clean grill and empty drip pan to prevent grease fires
  • Always take extra precautions with reattaching the gas container
  • Allow for at least ten feet from grill to any structures
  • Never grill under an enclosed structure
  • Check hoses and connectors regularly
  • Don’t attempt to fix any appliance yourself 

Fall signals the start of holiday season…first Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and Christmas…not to mention all the other special occasions that folks celebrate in between.  And if you enjoy decorating the exterior of your home as much as I do, you know that lights lend themselves to holiday spirit. Here’s a few ways we can keep our houses and kids safe:

    • Remember to switch off decorative lights when you go to bed
    • Always check twinkle lights for frayed ends and cracked cords
    • Make sure to plug outdoor lights into GFCI outlets
    • Double check your stringed lights to ensure they are rated for exterior use
    • Use battery operated candles in luminaries and carved pumpkins
    • Never leave candles or tiki torches in the reach of children or pets or near combustible items 
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