Outdoor Fall Fire Safety with Katie

By Katie Bower, Bower Power

Bonfires- We are fans. Both Jeremy and I have a certain affection for a properly built and well executed bonfire – and a well executed s’more.  But the fact is – they can be very dangerous. Both the s’mores and the bonfire.  Here are some ways to keep it safe:

    • Have an extinguisher, hose or large supply of water nearby
    • Never leave a bonfire unattended
    • Don’t use gas or lighter fluid to lite a fire as it could get out of control
    • Only build fires in areas that are clear of trees and buildings and fences
    • Burn only dry natural materials (never fireworks, aerosols, paints or foams)
    • Keep children and pets clear of the fire (kids can trip…nuff said!)
    • Don’t start a bonfire during a very dry season or during the day
    • Always check local officials to see if you need to gain a permit

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