New Home Fire Safety Tips

Fall is one of the busiest moving times of the year. If you were one of those packing up boxes and heading to a new home, you know how your to-do list seems to never end. Now that things are slowing down since the big move, it’s time to whittle down the list and start nesting.

While decorating and remodeling help make your new house feel more like home, you won’t truly settle in until the home is safe and secure, too. It’s the perfect time to add “smoke alarm updates” to your list. Be sure to check smoke alarms are on every level of the home, in every bedroom and near every sleeping area. Test for working batteries or update old alarms with new IoPhic® smoke and fire alarms. The only smoke alarms to eliminate nuisance alarms, IoPhic alarms are very effective at detecting fast flaming fires and also respond very quickly to slow smoldering fires- up to 87% faster*** than the maximum allowable alarm limit. A safe home is a happy home!

***UL217 Smoldering Smoke Test on 5/26/10, Underwriters Laboratories, Project #09CA38078

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