IoPhic has a Degree

We sent the IoPhic smoke and fire alarm to school and it graduated with honors!  A recent study from the School of Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland (UMD) tested the nuisance alarm immunity of the new IoPhic technology along with 10 different smoke detections technologies. The study revealed the new IoPhic line of smoke and fire alarms using smart technology are more resistant to most nuisance alarms.

What does this mean for you? While nuisance (or “false”) alarms caused by cooking smoke or steam are annoying, they can also lead to deadly situations when they are disabled to stop the ongoing shriek. By installing IoPhic smoke and fire alarms in your home, you can protect your family from smoke alarm nuisances and ensure that you are protected from real fires.


Check out these stats that prove the effectiveness of the IoPhic smoke and fire alarm in the UMD study

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