Home Safety Check List For Winter

By: Trisha Novotny, 24/7 Moms

As we head into the colder months we need to take time to prepare our homes and families for the upcoming winter. My home safety checklist will assist you in keeping your family safe during power outages and the upcoming cold weather.

Home Safety Checklist

_____ Day Light Savings is November 4th.When you are setting your clocks back use that as a reminder to also check all of the smoke alarms in your home. It is recommended that batteries in your smoke detectors be changed every six months.

_____ Clean your fireplace chimneys, especially if you will be using them this winter. This will keep your home smoke free as a clean chimney keeps the smoke from getting trapped and entering back in to your home.

_____ Install carbon monoxide (CO) and natural gas detectors on each floor of your home and near bedrooms. If one of your alarms goes off immediately move to fresh air and contact your local fire department.

_____ Place fire extinguishers on each floor of your home in easy to access locations (kitchen, master bedroom, hall closet, etc.)  Be sure to check expiration dates and replace when needed.

_____ Make sure all outdoor lighting is in working condition and entrances are well lit with motion detectors. 

_____ Stock up on salt to use on your walkways and driveways when icy.

_____ Check to see that all flashlights are in working condition and that you have an adequate supply of batteries. Avoid using candles during power outages.

_____ Have on a hand a battery-powered or hand-crank radio to use during power outages allowing your family to check on severe weather conditions.

_____ Inventory your family’s winter gear and replenish before the winter weather arrives. The items your family needs will depend on the area of the country you live, as well as what winter activities your family enjoys. Some of the items to inventory are: rain boots, gloves, winter jackets, snow pants, thermal underwear, hats, etc.

_____ Always have a week supply of:

  • Drinking water/bottled water
  • Canned/packaged food that does not require cooking (bread, crackers, nuts, dried fruits)
  • Manual can opener
  • Prescriptions and other medications
  • First-aid kit
  • Baby food and formula (if needed)
  • Pet food and supplies

_____ Create a safety plan for your family if they are away from home during a sever weather storm or other emergency. Establish who to call, where your central meeting place will be and what routes to use to get back home.

Being ready means you can enjoy the upcoming winter weather with confidence that your families will be safe.


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