Carbon Monoxide Garage and Car Safety

As the snowflakes begin to fall and the temperatures drop, it can get pretty chilly during the upcoming winter months. We all want to stay inside and keep warm, even when we’re traveling in the car. While it is tempting to let your car warm up in the garage before heading out for the day, nothing could be more dangerous! Carbon monoxide (CO), also known as the silent killer, can be released into your home even if your garage door is open. Here are some facts about CO garage and car safety that could save your life.

According to the New York State Department of Health:

  • A running automobile releases carbon monoxide into the exhaust and increases indoor CO air levels.
  • Whenever there is accumulated snow, it is important to check your car’s exhaust pipe. If an exhaust pipe is blocked by ice or snow in a running vehicle, carbon monoxide can seep into the interior of the car and cause leaks and cracks in the floorboard, not to mention it can affect the driver’s and passengers’ health. 
  • If you can smell engine exhaust, you are inhaling carbon monoxide and your body is not getting the oxygen that it needs.

So when it comes to carbon monoxide this winter, please remember safety over comfort – your life depends on it!

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