Add Fire Safety to your Halloween List

It’s that time of year again. When witches, ghosts and ghouls lurk behind every shadow, it’s easy to let spooky thoughts creep up behind you. With a little time for safety pre-planning, you can ensure your home and family will be ready for Halloween fun. Follow these tricks to leave your extra worries aside and spend more time enjoying the festivities:

  • Dried leaves and cornstalks are a sure sign of autumn but are also highly flammable.  Keep these decorations outside and away from open flames and heaters.
  • Instead of open flame candles or torches, use flashlights or battery-powered “candles” when lighting jack-o-lanterns and luminaries to prevent fires from forgotten decorations.
  • Are your kids trick-or-treating? Check all the candy they bring home and dispose of any open or homemade items. 
  • Rethink your costumes for safety. If you are making your own vampire cape or flowing princess dress, use flame-resistant fabric so it won’t catch on fire.
  • Keep all entryways and your planned Family Escape Route clear of spooky decorations to prevent a hold up in the event of an emergency.

Follow these foolproof tricks to keep your home safe and scare free.

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